We strive for a world where the deaf can hear and the blind can see
Help develop the next generation of brain implants and technologies
We provide a cohesive platform across neurology, neuroscience, medical technology, and artificial intelligence

NeuroTech-NL is a network of leading neurotechnology experts based in the Netherlands, translating cutting-edge neuroscience into societal solutions with the help of governments, industry, and patient stakeholders. Our scientific consortium has a strong track record in generating high-impact publications, and securing multimillion-dollar grants to carry out ground-breaking research with public and private partners.

Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

NeuroTech-NL is organizing an online networking event and meeting on Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation.

This event will feature highlights from NeuroTech-NL researchers and parallel sessions on novel clinical applications, technical developments, regulatory affairs, funding opportunities and business development.

We are pleased to have Professor Dr. Abdelhamid Benazzouz, a pioneer in DBS research in Parkinson’s disease, deliver our keynote address.

The Interface between Movement Disorders and Technology conference

Movement Disorders Groningen is organizing “The interface between movement disorders and technology conference” taking place November 18th, 2021, in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Personalizing care for disorders of consciousness

NeuroTech-NL invited to submit a €5M project on disorders of consciousness

Critical step towards restoring lost vision

NeuroTech-NL researchers have proven that shape perception can be created by brain stimulation

European Universities Initiative around neurotechnology

The European Commission recognised an alliance of Radboud University

Opening of AI for NeuroTech lab

The Donders Institute of Radboud University Nijmegen is investing in Artificial Intelligence

"TEMPORAL" - enhancing sound perception for Cochlear Implant wearers

Improved speech coding strategies using machine learning.

"INTENSE" - Crossover solutions for multiple diseases

Precision electrical stimulation of the brain and sensory organs to restore functions in vision, hearing, communication and mobility.

"NeuraViPeR" - Neural Active Visual Prosthetics for Restoring Function

Improving the efficiency and efficacy of artificial vision for the blind.

"Nestor" - Neuronal Stimulation for Recovery of Function

The world’s first large-scale, chronically implanted, wireless device that imparts visual percepts directly to the visual cortex.