A strategic partnership to unite R&D programs

The Netherlands harnesses its strengths as an interconnected knowledge economy to develop a broad-reaching multidisciplinary approach to research. Fundamental discoveries are intertwined with the development of applications for brain health and personalized care which at the same time nurtures economic growth in key industries. The Netherlands is committed to innovations in strategic key technologies for which future economic opportunities, competitiveness, and improvements in the lives of Dutch citizens are possible. This ensures that technological contributions from the Top Sectors make targeted contributions to solving societal challenges.
It is in this space that NeuroTech-NL makes its impact. As the link between technology and neurology, neurotechnology is an interdisciplinary field; one perfectly befitting the Netherlands and its overarching R&D agendas in health care, and in digital, engineering, and life-sciences technologies. Innovations that directly modulate a dysfunctional neural system improves quality of life, and increases self-reliance and participation in society – reducing the pressure on the healthcare system.

Work with us for the benefit of society
Harness our expertise

NeuroTech-NL provides unique expertise in a multidisciplinary space surrounding the brain and nervous system, where a single technology can benefit several neurological disorders, and where future research questions surrounding human enhancement can be shaped. Larger healthcare and neurological initiatives by governments or institutions can harness our technological expertise and connections to the engineering disciplines. Initiatives about validation of technologies in the home setting as ecological “real world / real life” demonstrations are made possible by our industrial partners.

A proven Public-Private Partnership

Growing from the success of a €14.3M NWO Crossover grant with €2M commitments from industry, NeuroTech-NL is now a strategic partner of the Life Science & Health (LSH) Top Sector, and it creates new links with to High-Tech Systems and Materials Top Sector, the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI), and the AINED initiative to increase research and applications of Artificial Intelligence AI. NeuroTech-NL further links these research lines to the platform for responsible innovation (NWO-MVI), and it address 3/4 Missions of the Life Science & Health Top-Sector: Care in the Right place, People with Chronic Disease, and Dementia

Kickstarter effects

Co-financing is a key way to share in the mission and vision of an ambitions research program. With government support and financial backing, NeuroTech-NL can further develop the necessary foundations to kickstart the fundamental research questions and pilot tests of novel innovations. Young researchers gain their training by working on NeuroTech-NL projects, while industry partners contribute to carry the innovations forward to the market, and clinical partners and patients themselves contribute to validating and providing critical feedback to make further improvements.