Advancing our understanding of brain dynamics
Interacting, repairing, and enhancing
Understanding the neural basis of natural behavior

A consortium of NeuroTech-NL researchers, the Dutch Brain Interface Initiative (DBI2), led by Francesco Battaglia, Professor of Neuronal networks of Memory at Radboud University,  has been awarded 21.9 Million euros from the Gravitation (Zwaartekracht) program of the Ministry of Science, Culture and Education and NWO, for research on brain interfaces. DBI2 aims at founding a new generation of interfaces for effective, ecological, minimally disruptive interaction with the brain, to advance our understanding of brain function and cognition, and to foster the new generation of devices for brain therapy and enhancement.

DBI2 is the combination of an integrated methodological platform including computational, software and hardware elements, geared at facilitating long-term closed loop manipulations and brain monitoring in a naturalistic setting, with a neuroscience research program with 3 main goals: 1) advance our understanding the general principles of brain dynamics 2) devise strategies to interact, repair, or enhance those dynamics, and the cognitive function they subserve and 3) understanding the neural basis of behavior under naturalistic conditions.