NeuroTech-NL bridges the gap between research, validation and the market

NeuroTech-NL performs pioneering multidisciplinary research on a large scale, translating the results into solutions for patients and economic activity.

We connect industrial partners to universities, hospitals, clinicians and patient organizations, building and managing the necessary consortia around research and development towards patient- and user-focused applications.

Why would you join us?
Direct contact with neurotech market

In the Netherlands, an ecosystem is growing which promises new business in neurotechnology.  NeuroTech-NL connects industry to universities, hospitals, clinicians and patient organizations during networking events and coordination around public-private partnerships where the end users (i.e., clinicians and patients) are explicitly involved in the translational aspects. The OECD identifies neurotechnology as one of the ten most promising and disruptive technologies of the future. The global market for neurotechnology is expected to reach $14 Billion in 2022 at an annual growth rate of 10%.

Facilitation of
clinical trials

NeuroTech-NL is a Strategic Partner of Dutch Top Sector LSH, sharing in the national mission to reduce the burdens for people living with chronic disorders. We understand the need for clinical trials to allow for research innovations to directly benefit patients while at the same time drive economic activity in the Netherlands. Therefore, we support and accelerate clinical trials for novel technology. NeuroTech-NL clinician scientists are open to dialogues surrounding clinical trials.

Funding and grants

Industry is encouraged to partner with researchers and clinicians in higher education, as governments are paying increasing attention to the research value chain with the end user in mind. Several public-private initiatives and funding support exist to combine research, with clinical validation, prototyping, and market entry. Companies (SME’s in particular) can receive subsidies to promote research and development in neurotechnology as well as in market validation steps.

Easy scouting for
"hot" new research

NeuroTech-NL is connected with complimentary initiatives surrounding brain and neurological research in the Netherlands, and draws on nearly all research institutes and UMCs in the country. The Netherlands has a strong position in international scientific recognition in neurotechnology, ranked within the top 5 in the world in terms of scientific publications, and is partnered with larger EU initiatives around research infrastructure (EBRAINS) and higher education (NeurotechEU). There is a strong multidisciplinary expertise between research universities, medical centres, and engineering (technical universities) who are used to collaborating with one another, and with industry.  Our founding researchers and clinician scientists are internationally recognized experts in neuroscience, engineering, and patient treatment and care.

Our industry project partners
3Dneuro aims to make large-scale electrophysiology more accessible to all.
ATLAS Neuroengineering
ATLAS Neuroengineering produces tools for fundamental understanding of local and global neuronal networks using smart micro-scale implants to improved diagnostic tools and new therapeutics for brain-related diseases and disorders.
CorTec is thinking ahead in neurotechnology. We make new therapies possible by providing you with the next generation of implants.
imec the Netherlands researches and develops new nano-electronical and sensor technology solutions in the fields of Environment, Health & Vitality, Mobility and Agrifood.
A technology company that provides end-to-end AI solutions for innovative organizations.
A startup neurotech company that aims to provide cutting-edge neurotechnological solutions, implantables, and services for the restoration of vision in blind people.
TMSi develops and markets high-end solutions for measuring human physiological signals, such as EEG and HD-EMG, focusing on research applications.
Advanced Bionics
Advanced Bionics is committed to developing and delivering the best cochlear implant technology possible, so that each of our recipients enjoys the delight of hearing and lives a life without limitations.
Blackrock Microsystems
Blackrock aims to lead the market in implantable microsystems by closely collaborating with researchers and investing to produce intuitive, cutting-edge technology to empower neuroscience.
Science grounded technology advancing health care and wellbeing.
IObundle, Lda. is a dedicated microchip design company. One of its target applications is developing tiny ultra-low-power chips that interface with the brain and nervous system and process the data for various purposes.
OnePlanet Research Center
OnePlanet Research Center uses the latest chip and digital technology to create a society in which everyone can live a healthy life and has access to healthy and sustainable food.
SpikeGadgets develops technology used for investigating complex relationships between neural activity and cognitive processing.
TNO-Holst Centre
Holst Centre, powered by imec and TNO, is a research and innovation partner specialised in flexible and wireless electronics. We help companies and governments to be more competitive with technology that improves people’s quality of life.