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NeuroTech-NL is proud to have been awarded several large scale public-private partnership grants to conduct projects in the areas of implantable neurotechnology. These interwoven projects address multiple neurological and applications simultaneously.

The €14.3M “INTENSE” project is funded by an NWO Crossover grant and is a full R&D program surrounding implantable hardware and software (AI) solutions for the blind, the deaf, and those suffering from epilepsy or the inability to communicate; at the same time  considering the ethics and user experiences with the new technologies. Sister project “NeuraViPeR” brings our ambitions surrounding hardware and software developments to the European level with international partners supported by a €4M FET-Open grant and “TEMPORAL” further develops the software for improved hearing for cochlear implant wearers. Our “Nestor” project from NWO Applied and Engineering Science (AES) kick-started our consortium surrounding technological combinations of AI solutions with implantable neural technology, and “DAREPLANE” builds an experimental platform for closed-loop adaptive neurostimulation.

In May 2022 we received a prestigious Gravitation award for €21.9M, which allows us to develop the next generation of brain interfacing methodologies to advance future neuroscience knowledge and patient applications.

The rapidly emerging scientific field of neurotechnology is changing medical practice. POSITIONED (PrOstheSIs to resTore vIsiOn iN thE blind) aims to develop a new link between digital technology and the nervous system to improve the lives of patients with disorders of the nervous system.
“DAREPLANE”: Data-driven research and evaluation platform for closed-loop neurotechnology
An experimental platform for developing smart, adaptive deep brain stimulation (DBS)
“DBI2” – Dutch Brain Interface Initiative
The fundamentals for future brain research and development
“INTENSE” – Crossover solutions for multiple diseases
Precision electrical stimulation of the brain and sensory organs to restore functions in vision, hearing, communication and mobility.
“NeuraViPeR” – Neural Active Visual Prosthetics for Restoring Function
Improving the efficiency and efficacy of artificial vision for the blind.
“Nestor” – Neuronal Stimulation for Recovery of Function
The world’s first large-scale, chronically implanted, wireless device that imparts visual percepts directly to the visual cortex.