The Dutch neurotechnology consortium

As a partnership between technology, neuroscience and the clinic, neurotechnology is an interdisciplinary field; one perfectly befitting the Netherlands dense ecosystem with strong expertise in these disciplines. The Netherlands is among the top 5 countries worldwide in terms of number of scientific papers published per capita number of citations per paper, and our success has been noticed by governments and industry: NeuroTech-NL is now the voice for the neurotechnology research in the Netherlands.
Our current projects have strategic aims to lead to new solution to help patients by 2030 – but this reflects only the start of what is possible. We continue to mobilize new collaborations around novel projects, and with greater input from researchers, we aim to nurture a national neurotechnology program that connects the strengths across neuroscientific discoveries and technological platforms, and continues to lead to new knowledge creation and breakthroughs for patients and society.

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Stronger together

Our founding academic partners have published nearly 2500 papers, and have a average H-index of 38. NeuroTech-NL is now a strategic partner of the Life Science and Health (LSH) Top Sector, has new links to the High-Tech Systems and Materials Top Sector and founding member of BCB-NL, the Dutch umbrella organization for brain, cognition and behavioral research. NeuroTech-NL involves nearly all Dutch universities, and this number continues to grow nationally, as well as internationally by linking to EBRAINS. Success builds upon success – and is strengthened by synergies, cross-pollination of ideas, and operational efficiencies. We are a consortium: always open to new members and new proposals.

Advantages for funding

The public-private-partnership model is at the forefront of the strategies for national and international granting agencies. Realizing the needs to for industry to take the reins from publicly-funded research to create new products and services – to ultimately benefit society and its citizens – is why this partnership model is supported, and why several funding opportunities exist for researchers to work with industrial and societal stakeholders. These large-scale funding constructions are also designed to makes the goals of creating shared value, societal benefit, and intellectual property protection possible at the same time.

Matchmaking collaborations

Our impact is achieved from multidisciplinary partnerships between researchers, clinicians, industry and patients themselves. Through networking events, projects, and organizational meetings, NeuroTech-NL facilitates the combinations of biomedical engineering, healthcare, and data science, with neurobiology, ethics, and the humanities and social sciences. Unifying around a common technological angle brings together like-minded interests in groups of people who might otherwise not find one another, and enables the construction of broad-reaching projects that are appealing for governments and investors.

Greater societal impact

Neurotechnology is built around the use of, and development of, physical devices, software, and data analytics; this enables an easy reach from fundamental research to providing societal impact. Neurotechnology can both develop from, as well as enable, fundamental research. Fundamental research starts the neurotechnology value chain where it leads to a new product for the market; research also benefits from using the technology to gain insights into the workings of the brain.

Connect with us

Dutch researchers interested in joining NeuroTech-NL are encouraged to contact their representatives from the founding partner organizations. New research groups and international researchers are invited to contact the steering committee.